Best Destination Wedding In India

The popularity, demand, and craze for a bombshell destination wedding are increasing day by day and have made it difficult to find a suitable wedding location in a country like India where there are so many options available to choose from that anyone can get confused.

But don’t worry because we have decided to share your burden and release your confusion by helping you in finding the best destination wedding in India and all you have to do now is join us and continue reading the details.

Big Fat Indian Wedding

Living in a country where weddings are no less than a function is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

A blessing because everyone gets to live their special day like it has been directed by a fairy tale director and a curse because a hell of a lot of preparation goes behind to make just one single day a grand and super successful celebration for all those who are attending it.

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And that’s exactly when you need a friend like us who will help you in finding an ideal destination for a wedding according to your taste and budget.

And before we discuss some budget-friendly destination wedding locations, let us quickly give some insights on the destination wedding concepts.

What Is a Destination Wedding?

Best Destination Wedding In India
What Is a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a marriage ceremony held in a setting away from your hometown and is majorly done to experience the culture and richness of another city along with some natural and artificial beauty that is often difficult to find amid the busy city lives.

Destination weddings are also done to avoid chaos and have harmony in preparations so that everyone can enjoy the wedding without worrying too much about things, arrangements and details and have the best time of their lives.

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You get to decide the venue and tell the owner exactly what you want and how you want everything to be done and the rest is their responsibility to fulfill your wishes with their management teams.

And now, you must be thinking about how this lovely concept is celebrated in India.

Well, here we go with all the answers you need!

How Can I Do A Destination Wedding In India?

To have a destination wedding in India you have to

  • First virtually look for your ideal venue location.
  • Then coordinate with the owner, then visit the place personally and see if it is up to the mark and matches with your taste or not?
  • Be open and discuss your expectations and ideas with the manager of the destination wedding venue and ask for their suggestions too.
  • If everything goes well, book the place and get the registration done for the day when the wedding is supposed to happen.

Talking about that, let us look at some budget-friendly locations and ideas for a memorable celebration.

Wedding Woes

So, we were talking about discussing some Cheapest Destination Wedding in India. Well, ‘THE DAY’ is indeed a most special day that begins the new journey of life.

Considering which, selecting a budget-friendly wedding location is indeed becoming a goal to So, this good read has been prepared that includes some details on cost-effective destination wedding ideas destination wedding packages with prices in India for you.

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Destination Wedding Packages With Prices In India


If you are planning to escape the heat of the city and want to get married at a cool place then Shimla is the place for you.

Best Destination Wedding In India

Why Shimla?

  • Because not only does it have amazing weather with the peace of mountains but the view around this city and the Himalayan ranges visible from every corner of the Shimla city makes the location ideal for a destination wedding purpose.
  • And who wouldn’t love to get married at a place that is covered with snow in the winters and greenery in the summers?
  • Talking about how much will it cost to select Shimla as your destination wedding venue?
  • Well, you won’t believe that this place will cost you under 5 lakh rupees and will save most of your money since you won’t be spending much on the decorations because of the presence of natural beauty already.


If Shimla is a good option to get married in the extreme north, then Kovalam is a great option for a destination wedding in the extreme south of the country. Why?

Because who wouldn’t want to start their new life surrounded by crystal clear water lakes and lush greenery of Kerala aka god’s own country?

Best Destination Wedding In India

Another best thing about this location is the already presence of beautiful hotels and resorts in absolutely stunning and picturesque locations for wedding purposes.

And how can we forget about all the authentic south Indian dishes that this country has to offer along with great hospitality designed to especially give you and your family the best time of your life?

Talking about its cost, you can get married in Kovalam, Kerala in around 15 lacs for around 200 guests.

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Jim Corbett

Talking about destination wedding places in India and not considering getting married in the words makes this discussion incomplete and that is when Jim Corbett steps in.

As you know, Jim Corbett is a national park famous for its natural habitat and presence of rich wildlife species.
Now tell me?

Best Destination Wedding In India
Jim Corbett

Isn’t it an ideal space to escape from the daily noise of the city and get married in a location that not just offers the beauty of nature but also its wildlife and rich flora and fauna’s presence?

A forest wedding that will not only be enjoyed but will always be remembered by everyone who will witness the celebration.

And about its cost, a wedding at the Jim Corbett with around 200 guests will cost you from 15- 20 lakhs.


In a world full of glamour and glitz, there are still a few people who prefer getting married at a relatively remote location that is a perfect blend of urban and rural civilizations.

And if you are one of those, you would love to know that a little town in Madhya Pradesh called Mandu, has this exact location to offer you.

Mandu is a town with a tailor-made wedding destination that has breath-taking architectural beauty with ancient history and romance to offer you a spot-on destination wedding.

Also, you can get married here for under 10 lakhs rupees only.


And lastly, talking about top wedding destinations in India and not mentioning something for all of our beach lovers who are about to start a new phase in their lives.

Don’t worry as we haven’t forgotten to mention a suitable wedding destination for you all?

Yes, Goa it is! And while we don’t think mentioning its significance for an ideal destination wedding spot is necessary because everyone in India knows Goa too well, we would still like to mention why you should go and get married at this location.

The heavenly beaches with affordable resorts and great all-year-round weather make it the perfect location for your marriage.

Best Destination Wedding In India

Goa not only promises exotic views, rich greenery, beautiful beaches, and lovely weather but also has got delicious food and amazing wedding arrangements that too in a low budget that you should forget all abroad locations and get married in our very own Goa.

You will only have to spend under 20 lakh rupees for 200 guests for a beach wedding in Goa.

Furthermore, the wedding ceremony is part of every culture. And hence, we believe that options can’t be limited. So here we are with some more locations you would want to consider.


If you want to get married in Delhi or you already stay in the national capital region and want your destination wedding to take place nearby Delhi then Neemrana fort on the Delhi-Jaipur highway and Noor Mahal in Karnal are the best options for your budget destination wedding In Delhi.

Best Destination Wedding In India

Other Locations

Apart from all these locations, several other cities have so much to provide when it comes to destination wedding venues and those places are Auli, Havelock Island, Mussoorie, Khajuraho, Jaisalmer, Alibaug, Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Nasik, Madurai.

The Wedding’S Not Over Yet!

Yes, the wedding is not over yet because we haven’t still discussed the small details about a destination wedding and we are about to put a limelight on those small yet crucial details.

So, check out all the frequently asked questions and their answers below to have a piece of full-fledged knowledge about having a destination wedding in your own country India.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does A Destination Wedding Cost In India?

Whether it’s a destination wedding or a wedding set up in your hometown, everyone wants to know the average wedding cost in India or precisely the location they have chosen for the wedding.

Considering that, the destination wedding cost in India varies from 10 lakhs to 30 lakhs on average, depending upon various factors like the popularity and demand of the location, travel cost, hotel expense, and the number of guests that are invited to the wedding.

  • What Is The Approximate Destination Wedding Cost In Delhi?

Talking about destination wedding venues and their costs and not including the national capital of the country in this discussion is surely unfair.

If you are planning a destination wedding in the national capital aka Delhi, you will have to spend an amount of 8 to 10 lakhs on an average for around 300-400 people.

  • What Is The Most Popular Wedding Destination?

Rajasthan’s Udaipur and Jaipur are the most famous and highly desired places for a destination wedding in India.

  • What Is Noor Mahal Karnal’S Wedding Cost?

Noor Mahal is one of the most famous wedding destinations near the national capital region and if you want your wedding to be hosted here, we would like to inform you that a veg plate in Noor mahal costs 200 rupees per head while the non-veg one costs 2300 per head.

And now you can multiply the expenses according to the number of guests you want to invite to the wedding and find out the total expense of the wedding.

  • Which Are The Best Places For A Destination Wedding Outside India?

Thailand, Italy, France, Portugal, Bali, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Oman, and Dubai are a few exotic and famous wedding destinations outside India that you must consider if you want to get married outside the country.

At The End

We just found out that there are so many places that can be called the best destination wedding in India.

Some places like Jim Corbett have their forests to offer you while Kovlam has got all its lakes for you, from Goa’s beaches to Mandu’s traditionalism and Shimla’s amazing weather, India has got an ideal destination wedding venue at every square inch of the country.

And that gives you plenty of options to choose from where you want to begin the new chapter of your life.

And with that, we take your leave. We hope this information helped you in deciding where you want to get married. Stay tuned for more crucial yet fun-worthy information on topics that are important to you.

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