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Indian Destination Wedding in Bali, Indonesia

Forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches & coral reefs, the island of gods—Bali truly justifies its name by offering some of the finest views and being close to natural elements. The cold breeze of the beaches soothes you and the dense forest makes you feel so close to nature. Bali is considered as an ideal destination for both traditional and modern weddings. It attracts modern couples for its bluest seas, the chalkiest white sand, ultra luxurious Infinity pools, relaxing spas and best hospitality in the world. On the other hand, its centuries-old ancient architecture and unique fusion of Hindu traditions makes Bali one of the most popular choices for Indian traditional weddings. This island is home to many picturesque religious sites as well such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple which is considered to be a great venue for weddings. Couples prefer taking their sacred vows and committing their lives at this ultra-romantic wedding destination.

How to get there ?

Bali is located on the westernmost end of the lesser Sunda Islands. It is between Java and Lombok. The capital of Bali is Denpasar. You can get down at Denpasar International Airport. It takes around 9 hours to reach Bali with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Indian Visa Formality

Indians can get an entry visa on arrival valid for up to 6 months (single or multiple entry) for a mere fee of 12,00,000 Indonesian Rupiah. To get an entry visa, one must have a return ticket, a passport valid for at least six months and a valid address.

Weather Conditions

The climate of Bali remains even almost throughout the year. The average temperature in Bali is somewhere between 20 and 33 degrees with a humidity rate of 85%. The best time to host an Indian wedding is between May and August. June is the peak wedding season in Bali.

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Wedding Locations in Bali

Eternal Infinity Chapel
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The renowned Infinity Chapel is one of the best wedding venues in Bali. The scenic views, natural backdrop, and modern architecture make this place perfect for an Indian destination wedding.The asymmetrical chapel is gorgeous and the epitome of beauty. It adds a touch of grace to your event. The architectural marvel offers some of the best views along with the magnificent swimming pool. Host your event at this iconic structure against the majestic backdrop.

Thrilling Ubud Rainforest
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A jungle wedding? Does it sound thrilling and adventurous to you? Well, it is!! Ubud Rainforest has some of the finest resorts and locations to organize your dream wedding. The place makes you feel close to nature. You can host your wedding in the lush green rainforest of Bali. A riverside venue with amazing decor will add more tranquility and charm to your wedding. This place is perfect for an intimate forest wedding! A location you shouldn't miss!

Stunning Sky Ayana
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The open deck floating 35 meters above the Indian Ocean is just dreamlike and an experience of a lifetime. Ayana Resort is a luxurious destination for a wedding in Bali. Plan that magical wedding and commit for life to your partner here. This is one of the most exclusive locations for a wedding. The exquisite views, spectacular landscapes and mesmerizing ambience makes you fall in love instantly here. Sky Ayana is a paradise for hosting a marriage.

Regal Uluwatu Temple
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A wedding on a cliff! Does it sound exciting and enthralling to you? Well, it surely does. Enjoy the breathtaking views of its magnum architecture and give your wedding a cut above the rest. Uluwatu is the epitome of thrill and beauty. The cliff-top marriage is surely going to be the next talk of the town. It will treat you with some of the never before seen views and jungle garden. This place is ideal for organizing wedding ceremonies and social gatherings.

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  • Original Birth Certificates
  • If Divorced Or Widowed, Divorce Papers Or A Death Certificate
  • An Attestation Signed By Two Witnesses
  • A Marriage Nulla Osta (Certificate Of No Impediments) That You Can Obtain From Your Country's Consulate Or Embassy In Italy
  • Proof Of Regular Entry Into Italy For Non-European Citizens

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Bali Sightseeing

Tanah Lot Temple

The pilgrimage temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali. The authentic feel of the place gets you closer to Bali culture. Tanah is the rock formed in the sea that was converted into a shrine. The shrine temple, which is surrounded by sea on all sides, is a must-see during your Bali visit.

Mount Batur is a living volcano!

Does it sound exciting and pump up your energy levels? Well, then you must visit Mount Batur. This mount is located at the center of two concentric calderas. The mesmerizing view from the mount and the wonderful scenery around are sure to enchant you with their beauty.

Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is a one-day tour. It is one of the finest safari parks. You can view more than 80 species of birds and animals here from Indian, Indonesian, and Asian regions. Have a glimpse of the legendary Indian Tiger at this spectacular theme park.

Ubud art market

What about taking some wonderful and unique souvenirs when you return to your country? Visit the amazing Ubud Market for some exclusive silk scarves, handcrafted goods, and handmade woven bags. Make your loved ones feel special by gifting them antiques, Balinese handicrafts, and art from Ubud Market.

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