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Indian Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic and beautiful destinations for your dream wedding. The exotic beauty of this place, along with its mesmerizing views, makes the perfect backdrop for your wedding. This country is home to the world’s finest art, gastronomy, and marvelous architecture. Italy offers you some of the finest boutique options for the biggest moment of your life. You can either choose to give your wedding a classic touch in the ancient city of Rome or make it a grand affair in the luminous city of Venice. If you are a nature enthusiast and adore picturesque landscapes, then the Amalfi Coast can prove to be the right destination for you. Whether it is great structures, beautiful nature or awe-inspiring views, Italy has it all for you. They say, “Marriages are made in Heaven” We say, “Italy is a heaven on earth for a soulful beginning”.

How to get there

Well, Italy is a well-connected country. There are abundant flights from India to Italy. You can take a flight to any major metropolis here, like Venice or Rome. It takes around 11 hours to reach Italy from India, with one layover in between.

Indian Visa Formality

It is imperative to have a valid visa to host a wedding in Italy. You can apply for a visa directly or through an immigration consultant. Generally, it takes around 15 days for visa processing and approval. You can also apply for a Schengen visa to visit Italy.

Weather Conditions

The climate of Italy is Mediterranean. The summers there are generally dry but not too extreme. Moreover, cold, wet winters can also be a perfect choice for hosting your wedding. The best time to plan your wedding in Italy is from April to June or September to October.

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Wedding Locations in Italy

Romance in Rome
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Rome is the symbol of romance and the hub of the Renaissance. It has a long cultural history associated with it. There are many Roman Catholic churches and locations in Rome that you can explore to plan your wedding. wherever you go! You will be surely impressed by the amazing beauty and sheer elegance of this place. The Michelin-starred restaurants, artistic churches, and fascinating views set the perfect ambience for your grand wedding.

Vibrant Venice
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A Gondola ride to reach your wedding venue surely sounds so interesting and thrilling. Imagine experiencing the same in Venice. The dream city of Venice is vibrant, enthralling, and beautiful. This picture-perfect place is the ideal choice for a dream wedding. Select Renaissance sites for your wedding or go for the expansive gardens to host lavish receptions. Right from old island monasteries to luxurious hotels, Venice has it all!

Amusing Amalfi Coast
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The enchanting, warm, amazing ocean with the bright sun shining inspires you to take the biggest step of your life on the cosy Amalfi Coast. Feel close to nature and celebrate your event in the most intimate setting on the Amalfi Coast. This coast is the epitome of beauty, with many villas and flowering gardens. You can host a fabulous wedding with floral décor, pastel shade elements, and astonishing lighting to give your wedding a classic, sophisticated feel.

Riveting Tuscany
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Without a doubt, Tuscany is one of the best destinations for a wedding. The fascinating architecture of this place, along with its sprawling green spaces, is sure to hypnotize you with its grandeur and elegance. Furthermore, the fantastic coastline with sapphire waters and some of the best views is simply breathtaking. Some of the places that you can consider in Tuscany are Lucca, Pisa, Cortona, Siena, etc. Tuscany is the ideal location to commit your love for the rest of your life.

Legal requirements and documentation
for getting married in Italy

  • Valid Passports Or ID Cards
  • A Declaration Of Marriage Intent Submitted To The Civil Register
  • Original Birth Certificates
  • If Divorced Or Widowed, Divorce Papers Or A Death Certificate
  • An Attestation Signed By Two Witnesses
  • A Marriage Nulla Osta (Certificate Of No Impediments) That You Can Obtain From Your Country's Consulate Or Embassy In Italy
  • Proof Of Regular Entry Into Italy For Non-European Citizens

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Italy Sightseeing


The Colosseum is one of the great landmarks of Italy, it is a must visit attraction. Visit the Colosseum and hear tales of brutal games played by gladiators, emperors, and plebeians. Explore layers of Roman history on Palatine Hill after strolling through the Roman Forum ruins.

Gondola Ride

Taking a gondola ride through Venice's canals is a tradition that has endured for centuries. The city of Venice is an island city surrounded by canals. The canals connect narrow passageways in a labyrinthine network. Rejoice and enjoy the mesmerizing views during your Gondola ride.

Vatican House

The Vatican houses some of the most priceless art and art collections in the world. The cathedral's centerpiece is the great Basilica of St. Peter, which has Michelangelo's Pieta and the tomb of St. Peter. This marvel gives you a glimpse of Italian culture and heritage.

The Five Lands

“The Five Lands”(Cinque Terre) is the best place to visit in Italy. The amazing vistas of this place along the coastline of Sicily offers some of the finest views. The place is connected to five fishing villages. You can stroll, walk, and wander here to enjoy its beauty.

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