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Best Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand

If you always dreamt of a wedding by the beach then this tropical paradise is the ideal destination for you. The mesmerizing beauty of the wonderful islands of Thailand is sure to enchant you with its amazing views and serene beachside. The tropical beaches of Thailand coupled with a lavish setup are ultimate for a dream wedding in Thailand. Apart from beaches, Thailand offers a bouquet of options for hosting a perfect wedding; for example, The ancient heritage ruins, buddha temples and royal heritage of Thailand. Moreover, you can also enjoy relaxing massages and relish some amazing south asian cuisines at this amazing destination. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital is known for its vibrant street life as well as grand temples. There are many world class venues and islands in Thailand which are considered top destinations for weddings. Spoiler alert! Thailand gives such holiday vibes that your wedding guests might see it more as a vacation.


November to March is the best time to host a wedding at this tropical location. The climate and weather during this time are cool, dry, and pleasant. Rejoice in the wonderful lush green landscapes and treat yourself to the wonderful beauty of this paradise.

How to get there?

Thailand is well-connected globally hence, it is easy to reach this destination. There are an ample number of flights that offer daily flights from various Indian metros to Bangkok. It takes approximately 4 hours via a non-stop flight to reach Bangkok from New Delhi airport.

Visas for Indians

Indians can get a 30-day tourist visa on arrival by paying a mere cost of THB 1000. The entry fee must be paid at Thailand airport and in Thai currency only. To get an entry visa one must have a return ticket, valid passport for 6 months and a permanent address.

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Wedding Locations in Thailand

Picturesque Krabi
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The crystal clear water splashing on the shores of Krabi and the picturesque background sets the perfect ambiance for a fairytale-like wedding. Krabi is the paradise and the best beach wedding destination in Thailand. The natural beauty of this place along with its stunning location gives this place a classic edge. Take your wedding vows in the open blue skies of Koh Lanta in Krabi. Host your wedding in this marvelous location to make it more memorable and a fun affair.

Pleasant Phuket
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If you are planning a grand event with Thailand dancers or wish to have some regal elements to give your wedding a distinct feel then, Phuket is the best destination. Plan your special day surrounded by greenery and spectacular beaches. Laguna Complex situated next to the lake is the fabulous venue for your grand wedding. The comforting climate of Phuket adds more glory to the biggest moment of your life. Phuket offers some of the best views and great relaxation.

Enthralling Koh Samui
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Give your partner memories for a lifetime by planning your wedding at this exciting location. The half-moon stretches of Koh Samui and awe-inspiring views sets the effortless backdrop for your wedding. There are many five-star resorts in Koh Samui, idyllic for the mega wedding. The vibrancy, natural beauty, and elegance of Koh Samui are unmatched and highly contagious. Give your wedding a distinct edge and an exclusive feel by hosting the grand moment of your life in Koh Samui.

Charismatic Chiang Mai
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Want to give your wedding a traditional yet regal touch then, Chiang Mai is the classic wedding destination for you. The green mountain chains, village setting and rice fields surely give your wedding a timeless look and feel. You can plan a traditional Lanna-style wedding at this grand location. Feel close to nature and seal your deal for life at Chiang Mai. Let nature give the testimony of your happily ever after. A great place to commence a new journey!

Legal Requirements And Documents
For Wedding In Thailand

  • A Valid Passport
  • Affidavit of Freedom to Marry under Thai Law: This is an Affidavit notarized by the Embassy or Consulate stating both couples are free to marry. The affidavit confirms that the embassy or consulate has no objection to the marriage. The individual affidavit can be obtained by visiting the embassy or consulate in Bangkok.
  • Legal Registration: One of the binding parts of the wedding in Thailand is the local legal registration. One needs to locally register at the regional office Amphur to register the marriage.

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Thailand Sightseeing

Grand Palace

Visit the Grand Palace located at the heart of Bangkok to get a close glimpse of the Thailand royal kingdom. The Grand Palace has been the official residence of kings since 1782. There are multiple buildings in this complex. The carving and architecture of this palace are marvelous and worth visiting.

Phi Phi Island

Fall in love all over again by visiting the Phi Phi islands. The fortress is surrounded by magnificent cliffs, clear waters, and forests. The magical islands are a must to visit. You can explore some thrilling and exciting water sports and activities like snorkeling at Phi Phi islands.

Alcazar Show

You must watch the Alcazar show performed on grand sets in Pattaya. The phenomenal costumes, vibrant lights, and the classic touch at this show are sure to add more fun and excitement to your wedding. The fascinating light and sound show enchants you with mind-blowing performances from professional international artists.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Get a glimpse of how things were in operation years ago and enchanted with the narrow canals and wooden stilt houses as you visit the floating market of Damnoen Saduak. The market successfully enchants you with its simplicity and extensive network. This amazing market is a must-see.

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