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Either it’s a wedding or any happy occasion in your family then every member wants to suck up every single drop of the particular function and don’t want to be stuck in the bundles of planning. This attitude gave birth to a new business that is our event management. In our busiest city of India, Dreamz Wedding Planner is the most successful event management company in Delhi. We are a well established and trustworthy event planner in Delhi. Whether you are planning your wedding in Delhi or any brand endorsing event then we are one of the highly praised corporate event planners in Delhi. Dreamz Wedding Planner, one of the event companies of Delhi, doesn’t only update you with ongoing new concepts of the market but creates something new for you. 

event management company
event management company

In What Way We (Event Organiser in Delhi) Are Helpful?-

We are well aware of the fact that if you are planning your wedding on your terms and by totally yourself then you are the only person who won’t be able to enjoy that particular function. Right? That is why we are this popular as the best Event Management Company in Delhi because we plan every event of your life with so much care and perfection. From a scintillating decor to a relaxing stay, every minute logistic services we offer.

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You have to just sit and enjoy every precious function of your life. We are one of the top-rated event companies in Delhi who are not just limited to basic events but offer wedding hosting mainly. So celebrate your D-day with us because we understand you better.

What Makes Us Different? Our Services!-

We are professional team members who are very adroitly experienced in their zone. We are not bound with wedding events only but brand activation, corporate events also are our forte. If you talk about the wedding then from your wedding stationery to a relaxing stay, we provide every service so you can cherish memories for always. What you imagine in your wedding we provide better than your imagination. Catering, fabulous decor, well-received entertainment, delicious food, comfy stay, everything we plan according to your view.

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Events Which We Deal With-

Dreamz Wedding Planners are an event organizer firm in Delhi who not only limit its services to wedding events but corporate events too. Their services in these two fields are-

Corporate Events

The hub of corporate, Delhi hosts uncountable corporate events. We know the value of how a brand inventor requires public reach. So we ensure with our unique planning so you and your brand become a hit by promotion tactics. And we are the event management company in Delhi who offers you some extraordinary services. From arranging a popular face to launch your brand to entertain the whole crowd, we manage everything.

The best venue for the event, anchor, entertainment events, alluring factors, stage arrangements, shout out for the well-esteemed dealers, so you can directly connect to the crowd, we plan everything. Our forte includes conferences, seminars, product launches, exhibitions of designer clothes, jewelry or products, partner meets, etc. 

Wedding Events

In a wedding, we are not only just concerned with the wedding day event but we begin from where you begin. Let’s dive into our beautiful categories of wedding events-

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Your journey begins from this beautiful event of formal courtship. The beginning of wedding preparation starts from this point. But you can’t take your engagement this light so we are here to make your engagement as fancy as your wedding day. From the stunning bride to be entered into a staging area where you are going to exchange your rings. You can call this event a kind of mini wedding. Right! So leave everything on us from the elegant décor to beautiful engagement gifts to guests. 

Haldi Event

From a regal yellow floral décor to bohemian haldi décor, we provide you with all new crazy vibes giving haldi décor options. You have to just sit us for once with a clear image of your haldi ceremony and definitely, you are going to forget your haldi.

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Either it’s a rainy haldi theme or a colorful Holi haldi theme, we’ll give you an unforgettable experience. Not just these two themes but we’ll show you hundreds of haldi theme. We are not only just concerned with the decor of haldi ceremony but food, special invitation haldi cards, entertainment, etc.


These days a wedding is incomplete without a colorful and fun mehndi. We are aware of the most amazing new trends of the season which are new to the market especially the mehndi ceremony trend. These days brides are getting crazier about this mehndi ceremony, they want to make it more fun and glamorous as well. And we are here to make your dream come true by giving you the amazing mehndi ceremony which you desired.

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To make this event of your life wonderful, we provide a huge number of mehndi décor themes like colorful bohemian mehndi decor, Punjabi girl mehndi décor theme, social media lover theme, traditional floral décor, etc. Not just mehndi décor but music entertainment, dhol, tasty snacks, loving destinations for mehendi ceremony in Delhi or outside too, etc.

Cocktail Event

New western theme based cocktail festivity is a new trendy ceremony among our generation. With the word cocktail festivity, an image of fairy night with thousands of lights and music comes in our mind. But how to plan it so it goes well? Dreamz Wedding Planner makes your cocktail party a fancy party where not just the beautiful couple but the guests also can enjoy at their extreme. We offer you numerous cocktail décor theme, special performances, highly esteemed bar, etc.

Sangeet Event

A wedding seems imperfect without a bewildering sangeet event. After all, it is the occasion where the whole family dances their heart out. To make your sangeet a fabulous event, we serve you with outstanding professional performances, best DJ of the town, beautifully done choreography, the bride and groom entry in a fancy manner, dancing troops, required props, amusing anchor and astonishing lights, etc.

Pool Party

The new wave of the pool party is directly hitting our capital. So why Delhi young generation keep themselves away from this crazy party festivity, right? We are a professional team who manages your pool party so you can cherish it to eternity. You just say the name and we’ll give you the best and comfy venue options in Delhi with music, activities, entertainment, food and drinks, etc.

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Wedding Day

The wedding day itself asks lots of efforts to make it memorable. Right! The most awaited day in a couple’s life where they are going to exchange vows in front of several people. So you have to think about those guests too who are going to notice your beautiful union. And now it asks a lot of efforts from you. But here we enter with a bang to bewilder you by our Event Management Company In Delhi for your wedding. Sit with us for once to give an idea of what you exactly want in your wedding and leave everything on us.

We plan your wedding day from the passage to every corner of your wedding venue. The various passage decor theme, stage decor themes, mandap themes, aisle decor themes, sitting area decor themes, selfie booth themes, etc. Not just decor but the specialized bridal and groom entry either you want swag bride entry or simple elegant bride entry anything, we’ll plan out a very new and creative wedding entry for both. The scintillating catering with several cuisines, photography, entertainment, etc. we plan according to you and your budget.


After the wedding day, the groom’s family serves you the lavish reception party to welcome the bride. So to make this lavish reception more luxurious, Dreamz Wedding presents varieties of thematic party ideas, stage arrangements, entertainment factors, lush décor, first dance setting, etc. Trust us and get ready to surprise yourself. 

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Why Dreamz Wedding Planner for Corporate Event Planning-

-Our outstanding logistics services stun our clients. We plan from the beginning point of the event to the beautiful end of the event. So, our client sits comfortably to enjoy their wedding or any event.

-Customized events for your brand activation so that it can fit according to your budget.

-Invitation Card or stationary for the event in an attractive layout.

-For corporate events, we take charge of celebrity guests’ presence in your event to make your brand more popular.

-A good mutual connection with high esteemed media channels to make your event famous.

 Why Dreamz Wedding Planner for Wedding Event Planning-

-We provide services like thematic wedding decor for your special day.

-The lavish and delicious multiple cuisines by a famous chef.

-Worldly praised photographers for your pre wedding and wedding festivities shoot.

-Entertainment is on top of our list. From celebrity guests to well-acclaimed entertainers.

-Most stunning sangeet performance choreography. 

-A big treasure of gift options in different budgets for your guests.

We are ready to make your day memorable with our services.


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