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Cool Ideas for Summer Wedding

After getting hitched to each other, what comes next in your mind?? heading towards the #Wedding
Jails or #coupleGoals, to get a Muhurat’ for the big day. and what…?? if a couple get the Shubh
Muhurat of hot, scorching summer? No worries, Dreamz wedding planner has every solution for their
clients, We have lots of cool ideas for your summer wedding.
Weather plays an important role to arrange a dream fairy tale wedding but an expert wedding planner
can organize it with a little advance planning and fill all the colors of glitz, glamour, fun, and romance to
your dreamy marriage.
Summers have some advantages and some disadvantages as well, Our expert team shares some
innovative ideas to make your summer wedding as #cool and #memorable for all your guests.

Venue & Destination selection:

Nothing can be better than plan a summer wedding at some exotic
hilltop location to escape the heat, patchy summer, Destinations like Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand having
plenty of options to escaping weather and inevitable exhaustion. Also if you are planning in your hometown
prefer an Indoor venue with the best Air conditioner capacity.

ideas for summer wedding
ideas for a summer wedding

Colour themes for a summer wedding:

You choose a color theme that goes with the brightness of the
sunshine and give a cool feeling to all the guest present at the wedding like mint, Peachy perfect, Island
freshness, citrus squeeze.

Colour themes for summer wedding
Color themes for a summer wedding

Décor &; return gifts:

You can chill out the atmosphere with all new cool ideas like cute umbrella décor
the theme, Coconut water stall at the venue, Use fresh and seasonable flowers in decors also you can put a
lemon wedges in a glass center bowl filled with fresh flowers. Read more-Dreaming of a Fairytale Wedding in Udaipur ?

Décor &; return gifts
Décor &; return gifts

Exotic Summer Menu:

food is the most essential part of a big fat Indian wedding. Stay away from
heavy, greasy, dairy-based fare on your wedding menu. Instead, replace your fried fritters with baked

savory goodies. Fresh seasonal fruits, cheese platters, and iced beverages will offer a delicious fare. Do
include cold salads, chaats, unusual salads, exquisite ice candies, cake pops, and gulkand paan.

Exotic Summer Menu
Exotic Summer Menu

Cool entry for Bride & Groom:

Go with the trendy cool entry for the bridegroom that sizzles the
venue. A dream wedding planner has plenty of cool ideas to make a bride& Groom entry.

Cool entry for Bride & Groom
Cool entry for Bride & Groom

Shine like a sun:

Bride & Groom are the main attraction of a wedding, so we suggest to all the bridegrooms to take care of yourself, hydrate a lot, take good diet, don’t stress, apply matte & waterproof
makeup. Shine like the sun in your cool wedding.
A Pool Party is a must in a summer wedding it’s a new trend now-a-days , we are arranging poolside
Haldi & mehndi ceremonies for our clients this idea can surprise your guest.
So what are you waiting for…. ? lets & get started for a cool summer wedding.

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Shine like a sun
Shine like a sun

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