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Complete Guide-The Legal Formalities For Wedding in India for 2019

Getting married in India is not only about tying a knot with your better half and having a happily ever after! It is more than that. After you have survived with the plethora of wedding vows and customs, you are now required to register it legally according to the marriage laws in India. There are a lot of legal formalities for weddings in India for 2019. In case you are getting married in the day to come, I am sure this article is going to be worth your time and energy.

What are the types of weddings organized in India?

There are two types of a wedding organized in India, one is the civil ceremonies, the other is the religious ones. Civil ceremonies are performed at the marriage registrar’s office. As for religious weddings, marriage certificates are issued by religious authorities. In the case of Hindus, Jains Sikhs, and Buddhists, you have to get the marriage certificate from the local marriage registrar. Also Read: Top Best Wedding Hotels In Agra

Legal Formalities For Wedding in 2019
legal formalities for wedding in India in 2019

All the legal requirements to get married in India

According to the Special Marriage Act of 1954, either of the parties should be living in India for 30 days before applying to get married. A candidate has to produce a certificate issued by the local police station. For any foreign national getting married to an Indian citizen, they will be required to produce additional documents but they do not have to become a citizen of the country. Suggested Post: Royal Indian Palace Venue For Grand Wedding

Conversely, the Indian government recognizes foreign marriage certificates as well. So, if you have gotten married abroad, you do not need to get it registered in India. In the case of non-resident couples, they can get legally married in their home country and then have a ceremonial blessing in India.

Marriage laws in India
legal formalities for wedding in India

All The Necessary Documentation for Getting Married in India

The type of wedding you have is going to determine the documentation required. The following documents are what you need with you on your wedding day:  Also Visit Us: Dreamz Wedding Planner

Proof of being a resident in the country for the last 30 days prior to the application.

  • Valid passport of both the bride and the groom
  • Birth certificates of both the bride and groom
  • Visa card for any of the foreign parties if involved indicating the duration of your stay.
  • A single status certificate that will prove that you are not married before this
  • A no-objection certificate from both the bride and the groom stating that they are willingly getting married to each other which will be obtained from your home country’s embassy.
  • In the case of a previous marriage, divorce, or death certificate
  • Passport size photos of both the bride and the groom

The Procedure of Getting Your Marriage Registered in India

First, a couple has to submit their intent of marriage to the local registry office, along with other evidence like the partner’s residence, certified copies of passports and birth certificates, and photographs. For this, one member of each party has to present to submit the notice. At the office, you will be required to sign three copies of your notice and confirm your names and addresses to the registrar.

After all this, you will now be legally married according to the marriage laws in India.

The Procedure of Getting Your Marriage Registered in India
The Procedure of Getting Your Marriage Registered in India

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