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A Blissful Insight Into The Marathi Wedding Rituals And More

Everything you need to know about Marathi Wedding Rituals

So are you excited to be a part of a Marathi wedding! Marathi wedding rituals are all about simplicity and yet an extravagant way of celebrating the love between the bride and groom. Right from the precise rituals and the hassle-free ceremonies to the vibrantly dressed Maharashtrian brides, the Marathi wedding rituals, are all about making a scenic and jubilant environment for everyone who is a part of it. Must check : best wedding planner in Goa

Marathi Wedding Rituals
Marathi Wedding Rituals

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Learn about the Pre-wedding rituals of a Marathi wedding 

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The following are the rituals organized in a Marathi wedding:-

  1. Lagnaach Bedior:- Although not-so followed ritual nowadays, the horoscopes of the bride and the groom are matched before any further proceedings. The priest of both the families, fix a date and an auspicious time for the wedding to take place. 
  2. Sakhar Puda:- The official engagement ceremony in a Marathi wedding, the Zakhar puda is determined with the sweetness of the union. This is when the mother of the groom applies Haldi and Kumkum on the forehead of the bride along with the blessings and gifts. After this, the couple exchanges engagement rings and binds into the holy matrimony. 
  3. Muhurt Karane:- In Indian culture, months before the D-day, the wedding preparations start over. The bride’s mother invites over the married women or the Suhasanies, and they start making the turmeric powder and Sandage (pulses and spice powder). Papad is also rolled during this process, and this is what determines the initials processions of a wedding ceremony. The bridal lehenga is decorated by the women who hold the Rukhvat. 
  4. Kelvin:- Performed just a day before the wedding, this ceremony invites both the families, that come together to perform the puja to their Kuldevta and ask for blessings for the yet-to-be married couple. 
  5. Halad Chadavane:- Also the Maharashtrian version of Haldi, a paste of turmeric powder and mango powder is applied for the forehead, shoulders, hand, and the feet of the groom. This is the same paste applied to the bride.
Amazing Marathi Wedding
Amazing Marathi Wedding

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The wedding rituals for the big day 

The rituals in a Marathi wedding are filled with pujas and vows and ceremonies. There are some unique ones while most of them are linked with the south Indian ceremonies. 

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  1. Ganpati Puja, Devdevak, and Gurihar Puja:- The first thing that happens in a Marathi wedding is the Ganpati Puja organized for the bright future of the couple. The bride is then all dressed up in the wedding attire, worships goddess Parvati for hence prosperous future. The maternal uncle of the bride gives her some rice to be offered to the goddess. 
  2. Punyavachan and Seemanpuja:- The bride proceeds to the wedding venue and asks for the blessings of everyone. After the groom’s arrival in Seemanpuja, the mother of the bride receives them with an Aarti and some sweets. 
  3. Antarpat:- The groom comes to the mandap and sits down. A curtain or Antarpat hangs in front of the groom so that he cannot see the bride. 
  4. Sankalp:- The bride comes to the mandap, and the priest starts enchanting the sacred vows. The curtain is then removed and the couple exchange garlands when everyone at the weddings showers rice over them. 
  5. Kanyadaan:- The father of the bride gives her hand to the groom with blessings. This is when the groom promises to love and respect his wife forever. 
  6. Lajahoma:- A sacred fire is lit, and the first three mantras are chanted by the priest and repeated by the groom. The fourth mantra is said silently by the bride. The parents of the bride worship Vishnu and Laxmi and then tie a turmeric thread on the bride and the groom. Then the groom ties the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. 
  7. Saptapadhi:- The holy vows are enchanted loudly by the couple who walks around the holy fire seven times. 
  8. Karmasamapti:- The couple performs Laxmi Pujan, and then the bride is given a new name. The brother of the bride twists the ear of the groom to remind him of his vows and promises. 
Best Marathi Wedding Couple
Best Marathi Wedding Couple

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