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These 8 pre-wedding shoot themes ideas will totally decorate your wedding album with great photos

pre wedding shoot themes

So, you are about to get married and get tied in the holy matrimony but you guys have no ‘so-called’ wedding photos that your friends can make fun of. You need to get the pre-wedding shoot done ASAP. Now when you are talking about the pre-wedding shoot thing, you need to consider some thematic ideas … Read more

10 Gorgeous Pre-Wedding Shoot In Agra Near Taj Mahal

pre wedding shoot location in agra

TAJ MAHAL is one of the gems of architectural monuments. Taj Mahal is surprising stands on the bank of the River Yamuna in Agra. Every year thousands of tourists from around the world come down to Agra to take a glimpse of this majestic monument Taj Mahal. A destination wedding at the place which has … Read more

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