Cheerful Wedding Themes For Perfect Celebration: Selfie Booth Ideas And Many More

Finally tying the knot with your loved one and looking for the best theme to celebrate this moment? Well, after reading this article, you would have endless options for cheerful wedding themes for perfect celebration like, Selfie Booth Ideas for Indian Wedding

Theme based weddings are the new way to celebrate the auspicious event of marriage! What adds more colours and aesthetics to it is the new age selfie booths!

Photo Booths can add a different charm in your wedding photographs, that you will cherish for life!

With that, lets know some quirky and fun wedding ideas do read upon what we have in box for you

  • Selfie booth ideas for Indian wedding
  • More Cheerful wedding themes For Perfect Celebration
  • Frequently asked questions

Exciting, isn’t it? So let’s start the hunt towards themes and  new photo booth ideas for your wedding!

Selfie Booth Ideas For Indian Wedding

Wedding photography booth idea can be the one thing that can change the entire game for your wedding. It will enhance the overall look, even make your shy relatives take pictures and be camera-friendly and improve the picture quality so much!

Cheerful Wedding Themes For Perfect Celebration Selfie Booth Ideas And Many More
Selfie Booth Ideas For Indian Wedding

Hence, you need to make sure to choose the right one from the whole flock of creative photo booth ideas out there!

To start with, let’s look at some fabulous and fun photo booth ideas you could go for!

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  • Social Media Addict

This would be one of the best wedding photo booth idea if you happen to be a social media addict.

So why not bring your inner social media craze out? Make cool insta or snap frames with your own hashtags or ship names and use them for clicking amazing pictures and you will rock all over social media.

  • Down The Memory Lane

Wedding photo booth design that depicts your journey of love with your partner with all the memorable moments in captchas can never go wrong! You can also choose one of your favourite memories and base the entire photo booth on that!

  • The Indian Ride

Nothing beats the vintage touch in an Indian wedding photo booth. Any ride, whether a rickshaw, scooter or car, decorated with flowers, funky old fashioned props, couple names in neon lights and dope background with it is always a hit!

  • Sit And Click

If you are looking for photo booth ideas for wedding receptions, then this is for you! A cool sitting area with rugs, good furniture decorated with string lights can give a very homely environment around!

This area would become the ultimate photo session one! This would also give you a nice backdrop if you are planning some interviews in the wedding or vlogging your backstories.

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No doubt how much zeal and beauty photobooth can add, but what actually attracts guests to photobooths is the backdrop! So here is some fun diy curated for your dream booth!

Diy Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

  • A flower wall including different varieties of flowers, either fully a flower faux or different designs made of flowers, both can form up an amazing backdrop that you can create yourself.
  • A glitter shimmery backdrop which can be done by you only on a plywood board can be the best decision! You can accompany it with balloon garland and dream catchers on the glitter curtains to give a more aesthetic look.
  • Hanging a row of bulbs on the top, with cute and colourful kites, flower pots and umbrellas all around is a whole nother vibe for the backdrop!
Cheerful Wedding Themes For Perfect Celebration Selfie Booth Ideas And Many More
Diy Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

Isn’t it amazing how all these selfie booth ideas are DIY and literally gonna rock your wedding day! So, start choosing what you want your wedding photobooth to look like now!

Now, all left for you to know is some fun wedding ceremony ideas to look upon!

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More Cheerful Wedding Themes For Perfect Celebration

Moving on to wedding themes, it requires a lot of thought. Everyone wants the theme to be perfect for D-Day! Keeping this in mind, we have collected some fun original ideas for an informal wedding that you would surely like!

Cheerful Wedding Themes For Perfect Celebration Selfie Booth Ideas And Many More
More Cheerful Wedding Themes For Perfect Celebration

Let’s see:

  • Royal

Always dreamt of a royal and lavish wedding, this is time to bring it to reality. Some historic touches, the venue being a massive castle or mansion and delicate garlands can change so much! An elegant font on invitations, chic entry style for the bride adds more to the charm!

  • Simple Yet Fun

Not everyone can afford to have a king queen style wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your wedding. If you are looking for fun wedding ideas on a budget, then try to keep it a simple traditional wedding. Soft lighting, colour theme for both the parties, chandeliers and so much more can be done to make it a memorable one.

  • The Funny One

Funny wedding themes are the way to rely upon if you want something unusual and rare. It can include themes related to cartoons or famous web series! Or you can also go for the theme end of bachelorhood that will include all the jokes related to one being married!

As much as it sounds hilarious, it will make your wedding everyone’s favourite! If not wedding, this also applies for people looking for funny wedding reception ideas.

Cheerful Wedding Themes For Perfect Celebration Selfie Booth Ideas And Many More
Funny wedding themes
  • Romantic And Whimsical

The theme that really brings all the emotions out is the romantic one. Bringing that fairy tale you always dreamt of to life, rose petals, candles on every table, princess wedding dress for the bride, live band, mesmerizing takeaway car and many more boho vibes sums up the delight!

When everything displays the love and romanticism the couple shares, it would be a cherry on top of the cake!

A wedding theme can add so much life to your wedding and especially when there is so much variety, you need some careful planning to select what does justice to your values and perception that you have for your big day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Make A Fun Wedding?

You can surely have a fun wedding by having all fun wedding activities and choosing a funny theme that cracks everyone up. See all the photobooth ideas and keep one for your wedding too! Atlast, enjoy your big day to the fullest.

  • What Are Some Fun Things To Do At A Wedding?

To have a funny wedding party, try these things:

  • Catchy hashtags and banners
  • Popping the champagne!
  • Having token of speech by close relatives of the couple
  • Fun wedding decorations
  • Dance performances
  • Live singing

How To Make A Photo Booth For A Party?

Find an appropriate place with good lighting and place the plywood board of your choice of size dimensions there.

Start decorating the board according to the selected theme. Surround the board with your desired aesthetics and you are done!

Final Words

Marriage is an auspicious occasion for everyone’s life and you can make it more beautiful by adding colours and themes to it!  Selecting upon one theme for a photobooth or whole wedding can be really tough but it can be very exciting too!

With all the fun ideas we have collected for you, the final look of your selected theme would fascinate you and your guests to the next level!

So, start finalising now! Hope this article fulfils your purpose.

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