Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India

“Happiness is a mysterious thing, to be found somewhere between too little and too much.” ― Ruskin Bond, A Book of Simple Living

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India is a new big thing in India, and everyone is going for a combined wedding and a vacation for the couple and the families.

And why the hell not? It’s a win-win situation!
Plus, it may become a more memorable wedding than a normal wedding in your town.

And we know that you are thinking about the budget, but don’t worry, it won’t break the wedding budget because we are going to tell you the best locations that can help you arrange a luxurious wedding for just 10 lakhs.

Now, you must be thinking, “Is 10 lakhs enough for a wedding?”

And here comes the good news, it is definitely possible!

You don’t need to spend a bomb to have an exotic or fairytale destination wedding!

Wanna plan your day, your way? Then why wait? When you have so many wedding destinations!

We are going to share the destination wedding packages with prices and locations that will surely get you tempted to change your wedding plans.

But before that, let’s have a look at some tips to plan a grand destination wedding.

Seven Important Things To Keep In Mind While Planning A Budget Destination Wedding

  • Finalize your guest list.
  • Pick the best venue of your choice wisely.
  • Choose an offseason wedding date.
  • Check out the decor charges.
  • Look for the best local catering services near the wedding destination.
  • Find the best local dhol or a DJ player who can settle for low rates.
  • Arrange the make-up artist, pandit, photographer, videographer, wedding favors, etc.

So these were the things you should pre-plan beforehand. Moreover, there will be a lot of last-minute changes and other things to add, so always keep some buffer amount ready for it.

How Much Does It Cost For a Destination Wedding In India?

Here, we are going to discuss the overall cost of a destination wedding in India. So for instance, let’s assume you are looking for destination wedding packages for 50 guests.

One of the most commonly asked questions to the wedding planner is, “What is a good budget for a destination wedding?”

Are you wondering the same?

Well, everyone has a strict budget, and we respect that. So the best budget for a destination wedding in India for 50 guests is under 5 to 10 lakh.

Cost For a Destination Wedding In India
Cost For a Destination Wedding In India

But please note that the figures we have mentioned above are just examples, and they can go up or down depending on the choice of destination, quality of resort, seasons, preferences, and much more.

Plus, every couple has their different choices and wishes, right? They want a fairytale-like wedding that has every arrangement for the guests.

Sounds like the wedding of the dreams, no? But where is the cheapest destination wedding in India? That can turn out to be a pocket-friendly affair?

Well, the list of the cheapest and best destination wedding locations in India is listed in the next topic of this article.

Best Locations For A Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India

Nowadays in India, destination weddings are becoming a new big trend. And trust us, nothing is better than a vacation and wedding together with all your family members and friends relaxing by the artificial lake or basking on the beach as you and your fiance chill and eat with your people.

Best Locations For A Destination Wedding
Best Locations For A Destination Wedding

And one good news is, you can have fun at your own wedding without breaking your bank account! So without any further delay, let’s check out the best wedding destinations for a glamorous yet budget wedding.

You must consider these places first and compare the prices and then go for the best.

So, let’s begin!

Place & Price Guide for Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Udaipur

Just imagine tying a knot in a royal and dreamy palace building surrounded by lush green lawns, stunning sunset views by lakes where water glistens like pearls at night on either side of your mandap.

You got everything in Udaipur. And guess what, this city is said to be one of the best wedding venues in the country.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India
Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Udaipur

If you have always dreamt of getting hitched like a princess, now you can fulfill that dream in Udaipur.

You can either get married in a luxurious five-star hotel or a fort – whatever your preference is, this city has something for all!

Why Pick Udaipur, aka the Venice of the East?

Udaipur is known for its traditions, culture, architecture, rich heritage, history, hospitality, and restaurants, so it is sure to be an extraordinary affair.

So, it is the best destination for couples who want to tie the know traditionally. So coming to the price, the entire royal wedding can cost around 10 to 12 lakh as per the packages.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Delhi

Throw a wedding party in the capital!

Yes, that’s right!

Book a villa and get married in this popular city itself. And there is no better royal place like Sainik Farm for a dreamy wedding.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India
Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Delhi

Besides, you can pick any other place that is not only gorgeous but luxurious at the same time. You and the wedding guests will surely get fall in love with the beauty of the spacious venue of this city.

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Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs in Shimla

Are you dreaming of a wedding amidst gigantic mountains and lush green landscapes?

Well, many people like you share similar dreams. So this natural stunning ambiance is for mountain lovers like you!

Nestled in the Himalayan ranges, Shimla has a picture-perfect background, peaceful environment, snow-covered hills, and a pleasant climate.

It is a great opportunity for the ones who are looking forward to getting hitched amidst the hills. Furthermore, you can find many villas and resorts which give the best services at this Queen of hills.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India
Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs in Shimla

And nothing’s better than tying your knot and starting a new life between snow-capped Himalayan mountains.

Wondering, how much will it cost? Well, the best perk about getting married at this location is that you will save your decoration cost. Plus, you can organize everything here for just Rs. 3 to 4 lakh.

Now, let’s take a look at each Destination wedding under 10 lakhs in India in the next segment.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Goa

Goa is not only known for partying and sunbathing, but also for intimate and beach weddings. So if you want a beach wedding then, this place must have crossed your mind.

And why not?

After all, huge sand-filled dreamy clear pristine beaches and budget-friendly locations in South Goa attract everyone. Away from all the hipster vibe, you can tie the knot for your D-day in this city.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India
Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Goa

And after the wedding, you can spend your mini honeymoon in several resorts and clubs that suit your budget. There is nothing more romantic than a wedding at the beach with salty winds, the sand between your toes, the soft humming of the waves, and much more.

Weddings in Goa are much more fun than you can imagine! Plus the marriage costs start from 10 lakh. So grab your notepad and start looking for the best wedding resort in Goa now.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Mumbai

Everybody these days is having an extravagant wedding and a sparkling celebration in Mumbai, which is the home to Bollywood.

So why not find out what the fuss is all about?

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India
Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Mumbai

This city is the best place to plan your wedding in a filmy style. From private venues to palatial abodes, Mumbai has everything that will make your D-day more beautiful.

Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Mahabaleshwar

If you always wanted a hillside wedding but did not have enough money to spend, Mahabaleshwar is the perfect option.

This beautiful hill station has various beautiful wedding venues which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can also easily plan a Mahabaleshwar destination wedding under 5 lakhs in India.

Destination wedding under 10 lakhs in India
Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In Mahabaleshwar

We hate to end this, but our wedding destination list would continue to go on and on. Conclusively, there isn’t any shortage of places for a grand destination wedding in this country.

We hope now you know the best destination wedding packages with prices and the places for your important day.

Our Final Thoughts About destination wedding under 10 lakhs in India

So, don’t you want the best location for your once-in-a-lifetime event? Then, go and have a look at these locations and see what suits your budget before finalizing any place. Once you do, then bring your friends and family together to celebrate your wedding event.

Make sure to keep your Destination Wedding Under 10 Lakhs In India on your outfits and trousseau and yet have a wedding that you always dreamed of.

Visit us more often for more wedding-related articles.

Have a great marital life ahead!

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