Top 8 Locations For Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur

What are the first few places that come to your mind, when you think about a destination wedding? We bet you also thought about Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur, due to your tight budget, you cannot afford it.

But what if we tell you, that you can arrange a destination wedding under 50 lakh in Udaipur?

To answer all your questions, we have curated a list of some exquisite and famous properties in Udaipur where you can host a grand wedding.

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So let’s begin the hunt!

Cost For A Destination Wedding In Udaipur, Rajasthan

Before we dive into the main topic, you may have a question: “Is 50 lakhs enough for a wedding in Udaipur?”

Well, yes! This city is home to a lot of locations such as lawns, gardens, banquet halls, resorts, and hotels. The price range of these properties varies on their popularity and what facilities they are offering.

Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur
Destination Wedding In Udaipur

Many people ask their wedding planners: How much does it cost to have a destination wedding in Udaipur? Well, everybody has a budget which should be respected. 

If you have a tight budget, then let’s find out what is the minimum cost for a destination wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

So when you are planning for a destination wedding in a city like Udaipur, you will have to keep three things in your mind, and they are:

  • The number of guests
  • The number of days
  • And the number of functions

And talking about a grand wedding in Udaipur, the budget lands between 30 to 50 lakhs for 100 to 150 wedding guests for a celebration for two to three days.

But wait!

Things majorly depend on other dozens of factors as well, and they are listed below:

  • Wedding Venue
  • Photographers and videographers
  • Makeup artists
  • Entertainment and food
  • Transportation
  • Decor and logistics

Now that you know the above things to keep in your mind, let’s move ahead to the next segment.

Udaipur: Top Destination Wedding Locations In India Under 50 Lakhs

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and precious moment. So why not make it more beautiful and memorable by capturing it in City Of Lakes, aka Udaipur?

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Below, you can have a look at the finest wedding venue options for your D-Day in Udaipur, Rajasthan:

  • Chunda Palace

We are sure you will get awestruck by the traditional and energetic interiors in the big halls and rooms adorned in Chunda Palace.

Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur
Chunda Palace

The beautiful ceilings are decorated with intricate Meenakari designs, along with chandeliers that can become a perfect backdrop for photography.

The overall budget for 4 to 5 days is around 300 guests would be 30 to 40 lakhs with all the logistics, such as accommodations, travel, food, and decor.

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  • Labhgarh Palace Resort & Spa

Looking for an enchanting palace that showcases the rich culture of Udaipur?

Then, visit the Labhgarh Palace Resort & Spa, which is only fifteen kilometers away from Udaipur. Trust us, this property is the best option that offers a variety of wedding venues options both indoors and outdoors.

Wait, there’s more!

This palace has eighty luxurious rooms for you and your guests. Moreover, from organizing the wedding Barat to the grand reception, you can organize various events on a spacious lawn named Labh Vatika.

Including the logistics, this property costs around 40 to 50 lakhs for 200 to 300 wedding guests.

Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur
Labhgarh Palace Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Lakend

Located on the lakeshore, the 4-star Hotel Lakend is the epitome of beauty in Udaipur. This extravagant property is known for its multi-cuisine menu and 4-star hotel.

Aside from this, you can customize the wedding packages as per your tight budget if you have a professional wedding planner or a wedding planner.

The wedding package for 200 to 30 wedding guests for this location falls between 30 to 50 lakhs.

Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur
Hotel Lakend
  • jüSTa Sajjangarh Resort & Spa

Enveloped by the gorgeous Aravalli Hills, jüSTa Sajjangarh is a 5-star spa and resort. It offers a beautiful view of the outstanding Sajjangarh Fort to the guests.

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From a beautiful wedding location to hosting a buffet and breakfast jüSTa Sajjangarh has got everything for you!

Including decor, food, accommodation, logistics, and other wedding essentials, the cost of this property ranges between 40 to 50 lakhs.

Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur
jüSTa Sajjangarh Resort & Spa
  • Spectrum Resort, Spa & Convention

Wanna keep your wedding function at the most opulent venue in the city of lakes, Udaipur?

Then, check out Spectrum Resort, which understands that weddings are not just a mere ceremony but a grand celebration. The gorgeous architecture, over-the-top garden area, and grand structure of the resort sum up all you are looking for in a big fat Indian wedding in Rajasthan.

Spectrum Resort, Spa & Convention
Spectrum Resort, Spa & Convention

Additionally, the overall package includes decor, food, travel, accommodation of guests, and other logistics which might pop out of the blue and surprise you.

You can expect the budget of a destination wedding in Spectrum Resort, Spa & Convention around 40 to 50 lakhs for 200 to 300 wedding guests.

  • Aurika Resort by Lemon Tree

Aurika is another gem situated in the Lakecity that attracts a lot of people who want to plan a destination wedding in Udaipur.

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The state-of-the-art amenities, personalized hotel suites, a thematic set of food and drinks choices, accompanied by imperial decoration and layout, makes this location one of the best event wedding venues in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Aurika resort can accommodate 150 to 200 wedding guests, which will cost around 40 to 50 lakhs. Moreover, if you wish for an intimate wedding, then this is the right choice!

Aurika Resort by Lemon Tree
Aurika Resort by Lemon Tree
  • Ramada Resort & Spa

Ramada Resort is a wholesome location. This sprawling property is said to be one of the best hotels in Udaipur.

This place is home to a vast luxuriant green lawn and an array of splendid banquet halls. If you are looking for a spacious venue for an ostentatious fantasy wedding, then this is it, guys!

Ramada Resort & Spa
Ramada Resort & Spa

The wedding cost at Ramada Resort, Udaipur can range between 40 to 50 Lakhs inclusive of decor, food, accommodation, logistics, and other wedding essentials.

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  • Fatehgarh – A Heritage Renaissance Resort, Udaipur

We have saved the best one for the last! This heritage renaissance resort has a beautiful sight to behold. As you step inside Hotel Fateh Garh, you will get mesmerized by its charming and conceptualized interiors.

One will also feel content with the hotel’s class apart from services specially curated for your D-Day! Yes, it is indeed a deal-breaker!

Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur
Fatehgarh – A Heritage Renaissance Resort, Udaipur

Coming to the pricing, this luxurious property has 48 rooms and can accommodate around 200 people below 50 lakhs. It falls under your budget so you can plan destination wedding packages for 50 guests to 200 guests here.

Our Final Thoughts About Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakh In Udaipur

We hope our hand-picked eight resorts and hotels of Destination Wedding Under 50 Lakhs In Udaipur are useful to you. We are sure now you can decide which wedding venue to pick as per your requirements, cost, and budget.

All these luxurious properties have their own kind of charm, which will make your wedding day even more memorable and special.

Did you like any of these venues? Then without any doubt, go ahead and book your stay now! Keep coming back to your website for more wedding-related articles.

Good luck with your wedding venue hunt!

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