Five Star Hotel In Pushkar

Having a wedding soon and not thinking about the glorious Rajasthan for your destination wedding? that’s not possible at all. After all, everyone dreams about a grand and royal wedding in the historical palaces and everyone deserves it too.

And to help you get what you deserve and desire, we decided to pour a list of some dreamy Five Star Hotel In Pushkar for your destination wedding.

So, let us begin our hunt with the table of content and then moving swiftly towards our location hunt.

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Paradise In Pushkar

Why are we saying that there’s a paradise in Pushkar?

Because it has a rich history, grand forts, and a mixture of rural and urban sights to behold that makes it is a paradise for everyone that visits Pushkar.

Five Star Hotel In Pushkar
Paradise In Pushkar

And when it comes to getting married here, the Five Star Hotel In Pushkar for weddings never disappoints anyone.

And to get the best of Pushkar, you must read the details given below on the best resort in Pushkar for marriage purposes.

Luxury Resorts in Pushkar

Here are our top 3 recommendations for luxurious resorts and budget hotels in Pushkar –

  • Pratap Mahal

Have you seen hotels in movies that are built like or near oases? Pratap mahal is just like that and is also surrounded by the magnificent Aravalli hills. So, if you are looking for a resort with an excellent view, this is the place for you.

Five Star Hotel In Pushkar
Pratap Mahal

Not just that but Pratap Mahal also gives you an experience of luxury and tranquility along with rich history and culture. A perfect place for a destination wedding in all aspects.

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  • The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa

You must have heard about this famous resort in Pushkar. People come here for its natural beauty, serene sunsets, rejuvenating therapies, and food for the soul.

The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa
The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa

The rooms also offer a breath-taking view of the beautiful Aravalli hills and we think this is a perfect location for a destination wedding as it checks all the boxes for this occasion.

  • Ananta Spa & Resorts

People often opt for a destination wedding to get all the fairy-tale-like experiences in their wedding. And if you are hoping for the same, then come to Ananta spa and resort for it.

This is because this location offers the best of five-star luxuries and is one of the most preferred and likable places for a destination wedding in Pushkar.

Ananta Spa & Resorts
Ananta Spa & Resorts

Done with some of the Five Star Hotel In Pushkar and now that we have already come this far in understanding all the best locations for a destination wedding in Pushkar, we must keep going so that you can grab all the more details on this topic.

So, are you ready to get more information on the best place to stay in Pushkar whether it’s for a destination wedding, an official meeting, or a family holiday? Then continue reading and continue grabbing the information.

Hotels In Pushkar Rajasthan

Thinking of Rajasthan and not wanting to stay in that state with rich history, cultural values and grand fortes and palaces is quite not possible.

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But if you really wish to stay in a Rajasthani city and then you have to read the list of hotels in Pushkar, given below.

Let us begin with:

Hotels In Pushkar With Swimming Pool –

Country Side Resort

Having a special demand for a swimming pool in the hotel? While there are many such hotels, you must check out the Countryside resort for this requirement.

Country Side Resort
Country Side Resort

Not only it offers you a swimming pool but has also got a blend of comfort and natural beauty along with excellent hospitality and easy excess to the Pushkar market.

Apart from that, you can also check Aaram Bagh, hotel Brahma, and the greenhouse resort for a hotel in Pushkar with a swimming pool.

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Hotel in Pushkar Near The Lake

Here is a list of most of the hotels that you can find near the infamous Pushkar lake:

  • Ananta Spa & Resorts
  • Dera Masuda
  • Hotel Golden Heritance
  • Hotel Inn Seventh Heaven
  • Hotel Gulaab Niwaas Palace
  • Pushkar Lake Palace
  • Pushkar Fort
  • Navratan Palace
  • Hotel Jagat Palace
  • Green Park Resort

Taj hotel Pushkar

While Pushkar doesn’t have a hotel from Taj the Brand, but still there are many hotels with the same name in the city that are fit for a staycation, vacation, and marriage purpose.

You can look out for them too and see what facilities they have to offer and where you would like to stay.

And with that, we wind up our discussion on Five Star Hotel In Pushkar for you to stay or get married at. Now go and find out all the details about the hotel that you have liked for your destination wedding.

Final Words

Every city in the state of Rajasthan has got so many options of accommodation to offer to the visitors. These places of accommodations are more than perfect for grand functions, intimate meetings, and vacations.

While visiting Pushkar Rajasthan, one must check out all the various options of Five Star Hotel In Pushkar and the budget-friendly resorts the city has got according to your taste, expectations, and budget.

For more details on hotels, accommodations, and locations for destination weddings, stay tuned.

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