Handpicked Newlywed Game Questions For Bride And Groom

Want to make the bachelorette party, bridal shower, or wedding event more joyous and bring a laughter riot among the couple and the guests?

Then play questions for the newlywed game!

Don’t know what it is?

Well, today, we are sharing some of our list of newlywed game sample questions, and with that, we will explain how to play this fun and hilarious game.

So, pour some champagne into the glasses, because the party is about to begin!

How To Play The Newlywed Game?

The newlywed game needs no introduction. Or maybe it does!

So for the ones who don’t know, let us tell you that the questions for the newlywed game are most commonly played before or after the wedding, and the questions revolve around the couple.

Handpicked Newlywed Game Questions For Bride And Groom
How To Play The Newlywed Game?

For instance, the question could be, “Who is the laziest one?” and many more entertaining and hilarious topics like this are shared in the newlywed game.

This game has gained popularity in modern times in countries like India, America, United Kingdom, and many more.

For some games, you may need a newlywed game app, but if you want to follow the old ways, then you will need a list of things before starting the game.

And the list is mentioned below:

Get A Host

A host is the first thing you will need to find to ask the newlywed game questions to the couple and keep track of the scores of each team.

Choose The Questions

Now, pick the questions from the newlywed game questions list you want to ask the couple. You can also add some of your questions to make it more personal, fun, and exciting for the couple.

Mix The Questions

Make sure the newlywed game questions range from simple questions to personal questions about their love life. To make it more interesting, it is a great idea to mix all the questions.

Print The Questions

Then, print the two copies of the good newlywed game questions and give each copy to both spouses.

Gameplay Is Also Very Simple

Make sure to leave one spouse from each team in one room while the other is writing answers to the questions. Ensure the other partner in the next room doesn’t hear the marriage game questions, or else, it would be considered cheating.

Now, ask one question and have the spouse write them down on paper. Then, tell them to sit in another room, and bring another spouse.

Once the second spouse enters the main room, repeat the same questions from the newlywed game sample questions and let them write the answers down on paper.

Now, make them sit together and ask spouse 2, which was answered by spouse 1, and vice versa. If the answers match, then you can award both teams with points.

Quiz them to see how much they know about each other without giving it a second thought.

You can go through as many rounds as you want. Also, save the tougher questions for the end, and the one who answers them correctly will get bonus points.

Get The Materials Ready

Before starting the game, do not forget to grab some papers, pens, and other necessary items. We also think that it will be best if you film the couple together answering questions about the Newlywed Game.

So now, are y’all set to play?

If yes, then, take a look at the questions you can use for the bridal shower.

Newlywed Game Questions For Bridal Shower

The newlywed game questions are perfect for any couple’s event. Below are some bridal shower newlywed game questions, which are perfect to ask the bride and the bridegroom.

Handpicked Newlywed Game Questions For Bride And Groom
Newlywed Game Questions For Bridal Shower
  • What is your spouse’s most used swear word?
  • How would your spouse spend the final day of his or her life?
  • How much drinking capacity does your spouse have to become fully drunk?
  • Among you two, who has the bad habit of falling asleep in a movie theatre?
  • What are the three things your spouse would try to save if your home was on fire?
  • If we ask your husband, how much money do you spend on beauty products each year, then what would he say?
  • Common sense, sense of adventure, sense of time, and sense of humor.
  • Among these, which one or two qualities does your spouse have the most?
  • What appliance would your spouse want to replace the most?
  • What is the most important day of your spouse’s life aside from your anniversary and birthday?
  • What would your spouse respond if we asked them about their greatest strength?
  • What would your partner reply if we question what is the perfect number of children?
  • When your spouse was a kid, what did they aspire to become when they grow up?
  • Do you know the name of your spouse’s first crush?
  • Pick any three dead or alive celebrities that your partner would invite to a dinner party?
  • Among you two, who is more emotional?
  • What response will your spouse give, if we ask, what is your pet name for him or her?
  • As per your spouse, what one part of your daily routine should you cut out?
  • Looking for funny questions to ask during a bridal shower?
  • Then have a look at the next segment, and find different questions which are designed to provoke humorous, unexpected, and surprising responses.

Bridal Shower Funny Questions

Handpicked Newlywed Game Questions For Bride And Groom
Bridal Shower Funny Questions

Here is a list of bridal shower newlywed game funny questions that you can use and have a good laugh with everyone.

  • How would you describe your spouse in one word?
  • If your mother-in-law were an animal, then what animal would she be?
  • Which of your clothing does your spouse love to wear?
  • If your spouse has super strength and power, then what hero would he be?
  • What character from the sitcom Friends suits your spouse?
  • Imitate your spouse’s behavior, when he or she gets angry.
  • If your spouse were an animal, then what animal would he or she be?
  • What is the weirdest gift your spouse has ever got for you?
  • Which cartoon character suits your spouse, and which character she would choose?
  • Among you two, who controls the TV remote?
  • Who is the smartest one among you two? Which of you has the highest IQ?
  • Who likes to spend more time on the computer? And what does your spouse like to do on the computer?
  • Who takes a lot of time to get ready? Is it you or your spouse?
  • Among you two, who mostly gets their way?
  • If someone offers a million dollars to reveal a dark and deep secret of your spouse, then will you take it?
  • Are your friend and her boyfriend completing five years of their relationship?
  • Want to make their celebration more grand and memorable.
  • Then have a glance at dating game questions for couples below.

Couples Game Questions For Parties

Handpicked Newlywed Game Questions For Bride And Groom
Couples Game Questions For Parties

You can ask various questions to the couple, which will elicit endless giggles and let the couple understand more about each other before getting hitched.

But before we share the list of couple game show questions, we want to tell you one thing, that we don’t recommend the listed questions to use as it is. You can add your list of questions and pick 15 or 20 favorites from the list mentioned below:

  • Describe your partner on your very first date?
  • How and when did you guys meet?
  • Where and when did you have your first kiss?
  • My boyfriend or girlfriend’s first kiss made me think ________.
  • What color was your partner wearing on your first date?
  • What did your partner think about after your first date?
  • What was the one thing about your partner that made you realize that they were the one?
  • What was the worst date you had with your spouse?
  • What is an ideal date as per your spouse?
  • Where did you go on your first date with your partner?
  • Where did you go recently on your date with your partner?
  • Whom did your partner date before meeting you?
  • Who are your partner’s celebrity and embarrassing crush?
  • Who kisses better?
  • What is your partner’s zodiac sign?
  • What is your partner’s weird quirk?
  • Who said I love you first?
  • Who is the tidiest among both of you?
  • Who is the best cook among you two?
  • What is the worst habit of your partner?
  • For which thing they might end up in jail for?
  • What is the thing that your partner is most likely to go viral for?
  • What is your partner’s favorite thing about you and themselves?
  • What is your partner’s favorite pizza topping?
  • What is the first film you saw together?
  • Would your partner spend a night out with you or an evening with you?
  • What are your partner’s favorite potato chips?
  • If your partner could eat one food for the rest of their life, then what would it be?
  • What celebrity couple are you both most like?
  • What does your partner like more? Coffee or tea?
  • If your partner throws a theme party, then what would it be?
  • Who is a better driver? You or your partner?
  • What is your partner’s dream car?
  • What is your partner’s favorite karaoke song?
  • Among you two, who has the most exes?
  • What is your partner’s favorite TV show/band/movie, if they are acting cool?
  • What is your partner’s favorite TV show/band/movie, if they are being honest?
  • Is your partner a dog lover or a cat lover?
  • What was the first name of your partner’s pet?
  • What clothes does your partner like to wear?
  • What style of clothing of your partner do you hate the most?
  • What is your partner’s biggest fear?
  • Among you two, who has the highest chances of winning the monopoly?
  • What is your partner’s all-time favorite ice cream?
  • What was the best present your partner ever gave you?
  • If your partner wins a lottery, then what would they do?
  • Who do you think will be the most hungover after the wedding?

In The End

So, there you have it, buddies! By using the newlywed game questions, we are sure that it will get both families laughing. These questions are light-hearted, fun, provide insight, and nobody will feel awkward.

You can start the game by using the listed questions from our guide or come up with your own. And the team which gains more points wins a grand prize.

Come back soon for more entertaining articles.

Have fun!

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