Which Finger Does A Wedding Ring Go On?

“Marriage is like a golden ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.” – Khalil Gibran

Are you getting engaged soon? You are done with all your preparation, and now you are just waiting for your D-day. Soon, a question comes to your mind, and that is…

Which is the engagement or wedding ring finger, and why do we wear it with a specific finger only?

We know your special day is coming closer and you want to know more details about the ring traditions.

So, let me know more about this special day!

Wedding Mystery

Some of you might already know where the ring goes on like a no-brainer. But did you know that the engagement and wedding ring placement varies in different countries and cultures?

Yep, that’s right bud!

You may have thought that rocking your engagement or wedding stack on your fourth finger was your only option.

But wait! You actually have several choices!

So, here, we are going to explore!

  • From where this wedding ring tradition came from or who introduced it?
  • Why we wear an engagement ring on the left hand and a wedding ring on the right hand meaning and history.

We will decipher everything and understand what hand wedding ring and much more.

Moreover, it may change your mind about wedding and engagement ceremonies and help you decide which ring placement is suitable for you.

By the end of this, we are sure you will have more knowledge about the ring.

So let the fun ride begin!

which finger does a wedding ring go on
Wedding Mystery

Wedding Ring: Queen Of Jewels

Wedding rings are a sweet symbol of eternal and pure love throughout history. From ancient Egypt to the royal families, wedding rings are worn to the present day. Furthermore, they have been a lot longer been a part of this world, than big diamond-clad wedding rings.


And whenever a thought about you getting hitched crosses your mind, one question also strikes up, and that is, What Hand Does a Wedding Ring Go On? Or especially a man always wonders, “What hand does a wedding ring go on for a woman?”

So, what is it in real? Let’s find out here!

Ring Tradition!

In many parts of the world, women wear their wedding rings on the engagement ring finger, aka, that is the left-hand ring finger.

But that doesn’t mean that everybody should stick to this rule.

If you reside in Western regions, it may come as a shocker to you, but several countries and cultures love to wear their forever adornment on their right hand instead, and they are Spain, India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Poland, and Russia.

which finger does a wedding ring go on
Ring Tradition!

Traditionally, at the time of the ceremony, many people also stack wedding rings under the engagement ring so that it remains closer to their hearts.

Isn’t it super cute?

In real, at that time, the engagement ring is placed on the left hand, so that the wedding ring can be put on the ring finger of the right hand.

Once the ceremony is over, you can wear them however you like. The engagement ring is placed above the wedding ring finger to seal the pure bond of marriage.

So, both the rings can be worn on the same finger!

In the United States, it is popularly donned on both the ring finger of the left hand, where your wedding ring goes first, you can wear them as solo rings, or you can separate them and wear them on opposite hands.

In short, essentially, there is no perfect hand to wear your wedding ring on.
So, your ring placement may come down to personal preference, culture, and tradition.

Engagement Ring Finger Vs Wedding Ring Finger 

Some of the pretty new pretty brides are also seen wearing wedding rings on one hand, and their engagement rings on the other. Here are some reasons why some people might wear their engagement ring on the engagement ring finger rather than the wedding one and vice versa.

which finger does a wedding ring go on
Engagement Ring Finger Vs Wedding Ring Finger

Reason 1: Cultural Differences

In Western countries, they usually opt to put wedding rings on the left hand, whereas in Eastern cultures, every second woman is often spotted wearing a wedding ring on her right hand.

If one person wears her wedding ring on the left hand, it doesn’t mean the other way is wrong. It simply indicates that various cultures have various beliefs and traditions on how wedding rings should be worn, and what they symbolize.

Reason 2: It Is Also Known As The Symbol Of Financial Independence.

Nowadays, women of modern times choose to buy and wear rings of any kind of design for themselves. Some are so open-minded that they purchase their own engagement ring for their special day.

It is happening because of a rise in economic status as bread earners and workers within the household. And a big diamond ring clearly indicates that they have newly earned economic status.

After all, women are boss babes!

Reason 3: They Are Worn As A Certain Finger As A Family Jewel

You might have seen the lead actor proposing to her lady love with a wedding ring given by his mother. And the female character gets tickled pink as soon as she sees the ring.

A wedding ring is a family jewel that has been passed down through generations by mothers to their children. And many a time, couples wear multiple wedding rings.

Asking why?

They wear it because they have the rings that might be family heirlooms, which they want to wear either on their left or right hand.

So, the couples wear the wedding bands set along with the family heirloom on any fingers of their hands.

If they wear it in two different hands, they get to enjoy both the traditions together.

Reason 4: Couples In A Same-Sex Union.

Many couples will wear their wedding rings either on the left hand or the right hand as a sign of monogamous marriage.

Reason 5: Some People Are Left-Handed, So They Might Prefer To Wear And Feel More Comfortable Wearing The Wedding Band On The Ring Finger Of Their Right Hand.

Some People Are Left-Handed wear ring on wedding
Some People Are Left-Handed wear ring on wedding

Sometimes, both bride and groom may wear wedding rings in the opposite hand if they are right-handed or left-handed.

The idea behind wearing rings on the hand opposite to the dominant hand is that there are chances of the ring getting damaged if they wear it in the most working hands.

Thus, the possibilities of the ring losing its finishing are less if worn on the hand, which is used less frequently.

Lastly, it may also feel less uncomfortable than wearing in their dominant hand. Great idea, no? Then why not use this idea at your upcoming wedding?

Reason 6: Some Even Believe That It Might Be A Code For A “Cheat”.

It may sound a little bit shocking to you, but infidelity still exists in many marriages. Instead of removing their wedding rings to cheat on their husbands and wives, they move the band to a different finger on the left or the right hand.

Thus, wearing their wedding band on the opposite hand is some kind of a hidden message that signals that they are available to other men or women and romp between the sheets.

So we hope now your doubts related to “Where does your wedding ring go?”, have been solved. Want to know more?

Then continue reading the next segment!

Which Finger Does A Wedding Ring Go On?

In the above section, we covered on which hand the wedding ring goes on as per the cultures. Here we will understand what finger is a wedding ring worn on and more.

Are you familiar with the meaning of a circle?

If not, we will explain, which finger is the wedding finger for a woman and the circle.

Here you go!

If we take a close look at a circle, it has no beginning or end, and it is believed to be a symbol of eternity. In certain wedding rings, you may have seen a hole at the center and think it is a sort of a design.

But what people don’t know is that the hole in the ring holds significance.

Wedding Ring Finger Symbolism

It is a door or a gateway, and not just a space. And when you put a ring on a woman’s finger it signifies immortal love.

Seems like pretty symbolic stuff, right?

Now the main question arises, “Best Wedding Planner in Delhi

In the wedding ceremony, and after saying the vows, a bride and the bridegroom place rings on each other’s wedding ring finger, aka the fourth finger of the left hand.

which finger does a wedding ring go on
Wedding Ring Finger Symbolism

There are no rules on which finger a wedding ring goes on and what metal your wedding rings must be made of. Some even put wedding bands on their partner’s finger, which also includes their thumb.

Commonly, wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger because the veins of that finger are connected to the heart. Thus, it brings the bride and groom closer to each other and strengthens their marital bond.

With that here, we are, with some interesting Facts

Do You Know Why Is the Wedding Ring On The Left Hand in Certain Cultures?

The archaeological evidence suggests that 4000 years ago, ancient Egyptians used to wear crafted wedding rings made up of bone, leather, and reeds.

After a few years, this ring tradition continued in other early civilizations. Ancient Rome and Greece adopted this tradition and believed that the fourth finger has a special connection to the heart, and they referred to as vena amoris or the “vein of love.”

And today, putting a ring on the fourth finger is considered as the romantic sentiment for the wedding.

So this was all about putting the wedding ring on the left hand. But do you want to know what does it mean to wear your wedding ring on your right hand in detail?

Then keep scrolling!

Wedding Ring On Right Hand Meaning, Symbolism, And Significance In Different Countries:

Wearing wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand is agreed upon in various parts of the world.

Are you wondering why? Here are some insights!

  • It is said that putting on an engagement ring means that you are promising to be together, and a wedding ring solidifies that promise.
  • Moreover, there is a colorful story behind wearing a wedding ring on the right ring finger. It is said that ancient Romans wore wedding rings on their right hand.
  • The main reason behind crediting this tradition was that during those times, Romans believed that the left hand was unhappy, untrustworthy, and unreliable.
  • Some even considered this hand to be sinister, and on the other hand, the right hand was thought of as trust and symbolic of honor.
  • Similarly, in India, it was a strict custom to wear rings because they thought that the left hand was impure. But thankfully, things are changing in modern times, and the stigma of wearing wedding bands on the left hand is changing as well.

However, there are still some cultures and countries that prefer the right hand over the left hand, when it comes to wearing rings. Some even prefer a mix of both.

For instance, in Netherlands and Germany, engagement rings are placed on the left hand, and the wedding rings on the right hand.

Other countries like Colombia, Europe, Greece, Russia, and many other countries and regions still partake in right-handed ring-wearing.

So, this way or that way, it is wise to take these above tales with a grain of salt.

Till now, we were talking about where does a wedding ring go, so in the next segment, we will cover what finger does a promise ring goes on, aka where do we put engagement rings?

So, are you ready to unravel it?

Engagemnet Ring Beauty

Curious to know What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go On?

Engagemnet Ring Beauty

You must have definitely seen someone wearing a diamond ring on their right hand. If you have, then you must be very curious to know what it means!

Still haven’t found your answers yet? Well, then we have got you covered in this one!

Just like any other fashion trend, the significance of putting an engagement ring on which hand depends on the personal preference or tradition.

While some may wear it in the right hand as a sign of fortune, others might put it in the left hand as a sign of commitment. So, let’s find out what culture has to say!

Ring Of Promise

In western countries and cultures, people mostly put engagement rings on the ring finger, aka, the fourth finger of the left hand.

The beliefs of donning an engagement ring on the particular hand are somewhat similar to the reasons for wedding bands.

However, when it comes to engagement rings, their history has gained popularity now, as they were not worn in ancient times.

Some even ask “Which finger is for an engagement ring in Nigeria or other countries?”

Well, an engagement ring is recognized not just by which hand or finger they are worn, but also by how grand and costly they look.

As we said above, it wasn’t long after engagement rings rose to fame, and it was all due to the obsession with diamonds. They are considered the right choice to represent everlasting, enduring, promise, and love for eternity.

Though they have a hefty price tag, women still love it when their partner puts golden rings with big diamonds in the middle.

which finger does a wedding ring go on
Ring Of Promise

So, it is rightly said, a diamond is a woman’s best friend!

Wanna know which is the ring finger for females in India and other countries?

Then, keep scrolling to find out!

Engagement Ring Indian Traditions As Different Countries And Cultures:

Many people have different engagement ring traditions as per their countries. You can check out the points mentioned below to understand the traditions of the engagement ring as per the countries and regions:

  • In Norway, Germany, and Russia, engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the right hand.
  • In Sweden, the rings are worn on the right hand, and on their marriage day, they are exchanged onto the left.
  • Traditionally in China, goods and money are exchanged instead of engagement rings.
  • The Samburu warriors from Northern Kenya wear ornate colored beadings around the neck to indicate they are engaged. In Europe, people wear engagement rings on the left and transfer them over.
  • Rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, particularly in the United Kingdom.
  • In the American tradition, engaged people wear rings on their left hand.
  • Countries like Lebanon, Turkey, Brazil, as well as, Syria start by wearing the ring on the left hand, but later on, they shift it to the left hand.
  • In India, a ring is worn on the right hand. If the man and woman are not traditionalists, they can opt to wear rings on the left hand like other countries.
  • In Sri Lanka, the bride must wear the ring on the left hand, and the groom must wear the ring on the right hand.
  • People in Jordan wear the ring on the right hand.
  • In Greece, Portugal, as well as Spain, couples wear the rings on the right hand.
  • In the Netherlands, people start by wearing engagement rings on their left hand but put them on their right hand after they get married. They do so to signify their change in social status.
  • In the Jewish community, the bride must wear the promise ring or engagement ring on the right index finger, and after she ties the knot, she wears the band on the fourth finger of the right hand.
  • Other countries like Belgium (some territories), Poland, Russia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, as well as, Columbia, often wear engagement rings on the right hand.

So these are some countries that wear rings on the left and right hands. But, that doesn’t mean this tradition is a norm for all cultures.

Our Final Thoughts About Wedding and Engagement Ring Finger

In the nutshell, whichever hand you and your partner want to wear an engagement or wedding ring, both are completely free to display your commitment the way you wish.

There is something very exciting or a beautiful story behind all these different traditions we have mentioned above. Isn’t it? Sometimes, wearing the rings comes down to cultural preferences as well.

And on the other hand, borrowing engagement and wedding customs from different countries, lifestyles and cultures have become not only acceptable but fashionable.

So do what your heart feels is right. And don’t forget to visit us daily for more engagement and wedding-related posts.

With that, that’s all for today! We hope you enjoyed the read, which included engagement ring fingers for males and females in Hindu in Hindi and much more.

Hope you have a happy married life!

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