Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love

Nothing is quite magical than Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love! Correct us if we are wrong!

Having said that, Unique Ideas for a Winter Wedding that highlights winter wedding theme colors to wintry florals, even a tiny detail can add charm and warmth on the chillest of days!

Are you about to deck your wedding halls with decorations and wedding favors? Then, we have specially brought to you some of the best fête worthy outdoor and indoor winter wedding ideas to inspire you and your guests.

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Five Awesome And Unique Ideas For A Winter Wedding

Get ready to unwrap the best and most loved winter wedding decor. Here we have shared our five favorite winter wedding ideas.

But before that, make sure to pick the right wedding venue that lends itself to the winter season.

Now, let’s get rolling!

1. Use Soft Pastel Florals

Many people wonder: “What are good colors for a winter wedding?

Well, there are many soft pastel floral colors you can choose from. Some of the winter wedding theme colors are pastel green, pastel pink, and pastel blue.

You can also go for some darker shades like red navy blue, emerald green, and burgundy for winter weddings.

Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love
Use Soft Pastel Florals

Obsessed with the Bridgerton vibe? Then why not go with a soft blue tone for your upcoming winter wedding?

Whichever color you choose, we are sure that they will add glamour and richness to your winter wedding.

For more indoor winter wedding ideas keep reading!

2. Keep Your Guests Warm

Many people ask, “How do you keep a guest warm at a winter wedding?” To do that, you will have to arrange blankets at the entrance along with lit fireplaces near their tables to keep your guests warm and cozy while you read wedding vows.

It is really important if you have elderly guests.

If you don’t find venues with inbuilt fireplaces, then you can add scented warm candles at the tables for a romantic touch. To complete the overall look, you can use white flowers.

Are you also wondering “What should I wear to stay warm at an outdoor wedding?

Then you can wear a fashionable full-sleeved gown and impress your guests.

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3. Decorate With Fairy Lights And A Chandelier

Doesn’t a wall full of fairy lights make a romantic backdrop?

It not only lights up the entire room, but also becomes the best spot to click wedding pictures. You can use these lights in various ways like wrapping them around beams and banisters, putting them as centerpieces inside the lanterns, or using them to light up the paths.

Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love
Decorate With Fairy Lights And A Chandelier

You can also set the whole romantic mood by hanging a traditional chandelier, which will not only look fabulous but also give a more wintery vibe.

4. Add Rustic Welcome Signs

Many people often ask, “How do you make a winter wedding special, welcoming and homely?”

If you have the same question in your mind, then you can add a gold and forest green color scheme along with dried florals on your wedding sign. 

Doing so will set the tone for the whole wedding theme right as your loved ones arrive at the entrance.

If you are looking for warmer tones, you can hang a neon sign to make the venue more inviting.

Cool, right?

5. Decorate With Seasonal Flowers

Embrace seasonal blooms like dramatic reds and elegant pinks in bouquets or centerpieces for a wintry feel. If you are still confused, you can google “floral winter wedding ideas and pictures” and get some creative concepts.

Aside from this, you can put your hands on pine cones, spices and herbs (rosemary and cinnamon sticks), or dried fruits (orange, apples, or pears) and place them in a transparent glass as a centerpiece, use it for decoration around the cake, or put the heap of them in a big bowl.

To give it a cooler look, you can spray paint it in silver or gold.

So these were our five picks for creative weddings ideas for winters.

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Wondering: “What themes can you have for a wedding?” Then look no further because you will get all your answers right here.

Keep reading to know more about winter wedding theme names and ideas.

Popular Ideas For Winter Wedding Themes 

We know, you need the best option, and so do you know, What Are Popular Wedding Themes?

Here are some lists of some most popular winter wedding themes to easily personalize for your wrong and make your wedding event more gorgeous and memorable.

1. All White For Winter Wedding 

One of the most fantastic wedding themes for winter is classic white. You can fill the entire venue with white tables and chairs, candles, fairy lights, white blossom trees, and white curtains.

This glamorous look is perfect for your winter wedding. If you want a more elegant look, you can rent white artificial trees from a local wedding event company.

Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love
All White For Winter Wedding 

Furthermore, you can go wild with all-white blooms, white bridesmaids’ dresses, and tuxedos, white bridal bouquets, an all-white wedding cake.

Ain’t it a simple yet beautiful theme?

Continue scrolling for more winter theme ideas.

2. Rustic And Cosy

Who doesn’t love an inviting, rustic layout?

You can get a wintery wedding feel by wrapping vines around wooden beams and scattering fairy lights. Just make sure to keep it less fussy because the ambiance of the oak barn will shine through and add a beautiful touch.

3. Metallic Gold Glamour

Is there anything prettier than the metallic glamour setting for a winter wedding?

The combination of gold chairs and a white backdrop along with a crystal chandelier will look beautiful together. If you wanna go for a chic and dramatic look, you can add purple and deep touches like bridesmaid dresses, flowers.

Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love
Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love

To make the metallics sing, you can use some warming jewel tones on candles, napkins, velvet table runners, and jewel-colored glassware.

4. Create A Classic Winter Wonderland

There are various winter wonderland wedding decorations ideas, but the classic style remains people’s

favourite. Take your entertainment game further and create your own wonderland fantasy by hiring stilt walkers in ice-themed costumes and carol singers to welcome your guests.

Furthermore, you can take some inspiration from the Narnia movie and add fur coats and pine trees at the entrance. You can even decorate vodka luges and ice sculptures to make it more classic.

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You can even go for a modern winter wonderland look by adding accents of contrasting green foliage and a white color scheme. To keep it fresh and simple, you can add splashes of gold and emerald along with dried flowers, pampas grass, snowflake decorations, and branches.

Looking for Christmas wedding ideas? Then, check out the next segment!

5. Christmas Is Coming

If your wedding and Christmas are around the corner, then get ready to arrive on a horse-drawn sleigh.

Yes, you can use this holiday season to your advantage by adding a fairy-lit Christmas tree as the centerpiece along with wooden chairs, ornament favors, Mr. and Mrs. Claus figurines, red and green attires. Doing so will scream Christmas season set-up.

Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love
Winter Wedding Themes Ideas Perfect To Fall In Love

Heck, you can even go retro by adding string lights, stockings, and huge baubles as wedding favors. The only limit here is the budget, so if you want a Christmas or holiday-themed wedding, you can also add your ice rink.

Additionally, you can choose jingle bells instead of wedding bells for your wedding.

Isn’t it creative and fun?

Are you looking for January wedding ideas?

Then check out some more bonus themes below!

  • Silver and ice blue theme to add glamour to the wedding.
  • Choose a wedding venue or a ski resort for your winter wedding to do some winter sports activities like snowboarding, ice skating, and skiing.
  • Bring reel world fairies to the real world choosing the Jack Frost wedding theme for your chilly winter wedding.
  • Choose a royal Russian wedding theme and wear a cinderella wedding gown along with a Russian-inspired food menu.
  • Winter animals-themed weddings are another main attraction where you can use mannequins of huskies, penguins, polar bears as cake toppers, and other fun accents.
  • You can choose New Year’s Eve as your wedding date and add wedding decor like party hats, a crystal-studded ball, and different clocks. And more wedding favors for your guests.

Are you thinking: “How do you have an outdoor wedding in the winter?

Well, you can get some creative ideas in the next segment.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Ideas And Hacks

From hot beverages to heating lamps and fireplaces, here are some of the creative ideas and must-have items for couples getting hitched in the colder weather.

Below we have listed six charming outdoor winter wedding ideas and hacks to make your frosty wedding day special:

  • Prepare A Hot Chocolate Station at the wedding venue 
  • Make A Champagne Tower add an oomph to the wedding
  • Create Wreath Decorating Station
  • Arrange blankets and a fireplace to keep your guests warm.
  • Keep other hot beverages

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What Time Should A Winter Wedding Start?

A good thumb rule is to start a winter wedding two hours before the sun goes down. It can be altered as per your needs like, whether you want sunlight for the wedding ceremony. If you do, then 4 pm is the best time to start a winter wedding.

2. What Is The Winter Wedding Cost?

As we all know, the wedding business tends to be slower during the winter season, and wedding venues are available at cheaper rates. So if you are looking for winter wedding ideas on a budget, you may get some major wedding discounts. And the average cost of the winter wedding can start from $10,000.

The Takeaway…!

So that was all about wedding ideas and wedding themes for winter. The ideas can range from elegant and simple, to fun and whimsical, so the choice is all yours. If you are engaged and looking for wedding hacks, use some of our ideas to warm your heart with romance and love, even when the temperature is low outside.

Moreover, you will save lots of bucks for not choosing a wedding date during the summer and spring months. Once you are done with all your winter wedding preparations, get ready to say “I do”.

Have a happy married life!

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